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june 30, 2006 where've you gone i dot know how to be alone you… 
7th-Jul-2006 11:44 pm
june 30, 2006
where've you gone
i dot know how
to be alone
you said forever
i wish you were mine again
at least my friend
youre locked in my heart
until we meet again
who knew the skeptics
with all their talk
were so right
you'd leave me solitary
what went wrong
and as
realization lights my face
it's you ive begun to hate

june 30, 2006
as i am sitting at the kitchen table
in your familys country estate
im waiting for my head to stop spinning
i strayed to far
on my midnight walk
her clothes on the chair
you lying in bed
i ran
tore every streamer and tulip along the way
and as the spinning slows down
i smash our wedding cake
smear the cream on her face
then it all
fades away

june 30, 2006
the rare sight
of a smile on her face
fades away
as she reads the paper
she found on her piano
the promises she hears
over and over
broken through ink
and a tree
and as the sparks turn
to orange flame in her eyes
she breaks

june 30, 2006
pictures of family christmas's in your head
grow old together
golden retriever
be there for eachother forever
the simplicity of your mind
is unfathomable
you lack the imgenuity to know
i feel betrayed
and im tired
ive forgotten you
im no longer

june 17, 2006
heavy heart
weighed down by guilt
sad for everyone else
and everything theyve felt
honest eyes to keep you warm at night
hides emotions to protect you
frozen in time
writing sad songs
to which you'll cry
confusion leaves you torn
do you wipe away the tears
do you just say goodbye
think it over
make it seem worthwhile
you know what noone else knows
mend the broken heart
take her dancing in the rain
rekindle the spark
take away the pain

june 16, 2006
she lives an empty life
she fears the glass
shattering in her skin
she is so bored
cuts her skin to pass the time
she wants to love you
but she lacks a soul
she lusts
for the beauty of burlesque
she's a sweetheart by day
a morbid go-go dancer by night
she is a black widow
she steals your soul
shh... the secrets spilling from her lips arent lies
shes just trying to make her pain go away
she tries to feel something
she hates you
she dances the hate away

june 16, 2006
i dont need a readon to hate you the way that i do.
meet me in the rose garden
lets get dirty
im afraid to be alone
i see you stare at me until you see nothing at all
we cant go back
the echoes of our past will not go away
you cant escape
im in my room
where ill cry hard to sad songs
i dont mean a thing to you
we're just sexually frustrated
youre the king of heartbreak and sweet words to say
why cant you see me the way you seem to see me through your camera

june 16, 2006
i dont ever want to see you again
my feelings are up and down
i feel like im left living as your shadow
the things you say have eaten me inside
the nightmare of a life im leading
you scorn my every move
when i try to  change
i stutter what i speak
my difference from you is nothing
a hater of life. a hater of all.
you leave my feelings behind
you leave me ruined.

june 13, 2006
regret. regret. regret.
dont touch me
shot after shot
i let you
blurry eyes, fuzzy lines
red cup in hand
walk outside. jump in truck
where does our night stand
lean back
tinted windows
drink spilled. what a waste
shaky hands. tight pants
 i can barely see your face
soft legs. rough hands
skin on fire
fever running through our blood
and we're just getting higher
distracted. knocks on windows
jump around. 'lets go back inside'
you feel deprived. touch another
 i just want to hide
side of house. we make out
things start to go far
people come. interrupt
i drink enough to serve a bar
swapping drunken flavors
share a sloppy kiss
a whisper a caress
its all meaningless
the mist is rolling in
were losing time at night
sizzle of the powerlines
fog. and early morning light
you say 'dont leave yet'
'you dont have to go'
i dont want to be around you
the reason why. you know
one week later
youre drunk as fuck
you brag to all your buddies
how you had me in your truck
dont rest your head on my shoulder
maybe you'll get lucky when youre a little older

february 13, 2006
bitten by the bug of desire
lost in lust
their fantasies of legs intwined
sheets tangled
clothes on the floor
innocence gone
guilty she plead

april 1, 2006
radio flyer.
little red wagon.
childhood youth.
flying together.
down the hills.
broken arms.
better than broken hearts.
gravel in your knees.
better than tears down your face.

january 11, 2006
face of porcelain
fragile heart
delicate little flower
cracking from the pressure
smashed into powder
blown away
by your cherry lips
8th-Jul-2006 05:15 pm (UTC)
i like june 30th(cake) and 13th(love..on the rocks) the best...you musta had an interesting month.
8th-Jul-2006 07:53 pm (UTC)
hhaaa. yeah. thanks love.
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